High-quality 1000-piece puzzle die maker

Overview of Industrial Applications of Steel Rule Dies

An incomplete list of applications for steel rule dies includes:

  1. Paper products: jigsaw puzzle, folding carton, corrugated box, greeting cards, book, etc.
  2. Thin film products: plastic bags, foam materials, bubble wrap, plastic part, etc.
  3. Rubber and plastic products: sealing pads, pipe joints, fiberglass, O-rings,  packaging materials, plastic models, plastic toy, etc.
  4. Textile products: clothing, bag, textile home goods, etc.
  5. Thin metal products: thin metal sheets, automotive parts, electronic product enclosures, etc.
  6. more industrial applications…

Take a look at how our dies have won the approval of over 30 countries and 300 clients. Contact our professional and passionate team now.

CAD design & Laser cutting wooden puzzle die board

Not only jigsaw puzzle die maker, but we have also a lot of experience in leather dies and corrugated paper dies, both of which are highly popular.

Look at the durable and well-crafted wooden board. Amazing 1000 piece puzzle die board.

Laser cutting the base board
high-quality base board

Take a look at this sharp and durable puzzle die blade

High-quality 2PT, 3PT, 4PT Steel rule cutting blade

Different types of steel plates are suitable for cutting different thicknesses, so it is necessary to choose the appropriate steel plate according to specific cutting requirements. With proper maintenance and care, our dies can be used multiple times, minimizing the requirement for frequent replacements.

2PT steel rule die blade

The puzzle die blade is bent into the shape of CAD design

Looks great, doesn’t it?

automatic cnc bending machine
bent into the shape of CAD design

We adjucting every blade by hand & automated bending machine

This is a job that requires experience and focus.

He needs to control every stress point to make the 1000 piece puzzle die cut every piece perfectly.

adjucting blade and bending blade

Fitting every blade into the laser-cut channel

Lexson’s team consists of engineers with over 15 years of experience, skilled technicians, and knowledgeable sales representatives who work together to ensure that our customers’ needs are met. So far, more than 80% of our orders come from international customers.

Here, technical skill and professionalism are highly demanded

fitting every puzzle die blade into channel

Take a look at our finished high quality puzzle die

Our steel rule dies are so beautiful that they look like works of art.

Its task is to cut each puzzle piece precisely and evenly, requiring every stress point to be just right

jigsaw puzzle die maker
high quality 1000 piece puzzle die

Best price precision steel rule die maker | jigsaw puzzle die maker

We are (Lexson Cutting) well-known for quality and highly competitive prices, which has earned us many long-term orders. We can make a steel rule die to cut your shape for your specialized applications. We firmly believe that quality, craftsmanship, and accuracy are our top priorities. We are committed to becoming the most precise and competitively priced steel rule die maker

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The latest updates will be shown there, including steel rule dies and hydraulic press. We will be updating with an ultra-large 6000 piece jigsaw puzzle cutting die later on. Are you looking forward to it?


engineer at the steel rule die maker is adjusting the blades
Play Video about engineer at the steel rule die maker is adjusting the blades
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