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Machinery determines the lower limit of a product, and steel rule dies determine its upper limit

Top steel rule die Manufacturer

Lexson is a top steel rule die manufacturer that has been specializing in high-quality steel rule die cutting solutions for over 20 years. Today, more than 80% of our orders come from international customers. Not only are we well-known for our commitment to quality, but also our prices are very competitive, which has earned us numerous long-term orders.

Lexson Cutting is a core brand under Lexson, which has quickly grown into a world-leading steel rule die manufacturer.  We are supplying rotary & steel rule die & accessories.

Our clients’ industries cover paper products such as jigsaw puzzle & corrugated box & folding cartons , plastic, automotive, textiles, cork, leather, and more. We have an established reputation in the industry and are highly regarded by the producers and engineers.

Lexson Cutting’s steel rule die supply have been sold in more than 30 countries to over 300 clients, which is still growing rapidly.

Precision and Durability

Importing high-end materials from Japan, Germany, Austria, Finland and other countries, a team full of craftsman spirit, and high-end machinery make our cutting dies precise and durable


Despite the premium quality, our products are available at a reasonable price. With proper maintenance and care, our Steel Rule Dies can be used for many times, reducing the need for frequent replacements

Expert Team

Our steel rule dies are crafted by a team of experts with years of experience and a dedication to excellence. Their attention to detail has earned us a high rate of repeat customers and ongoing customer satisfaction.

24/7 Support

Experts handle pre-sales and post-sales issues. Whether you have questions about our products or after-sales installation, we will do our best to reply quickly and follow up to the end. You can contact us 24/7

Steel Rule Die with the Best Technology

Take a look at the cutting die project blog. Crafting our Cutting Dies like works of art with meticulous attention to detail

What Our Client’s Say

We are proud to have two of the world’s top five jigsaw puzzle manufacturers continuously purchasing our steel rule die products.

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Top five puzzle manufacturers in the world

The precision and durability of Lexson's steel rule dies is unmatched in the industry. Saving us time and material costs in the long run.We've been using them for years and they consistently perform at the highest level

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Primary supplier of new energy vehicles

“Machinery determines the lower limit of a product, and steel rule dies determine its upper limit” Lexson Cutting have truly proven this statement to be true. Lexson Cutting is my longest-standing steel rule die manufacturer

Industrial Applications

Our cutting dies are widely used .In the field of ultra-long blade steel rule die manufacturer, we have already taken the lead in the entire industry, with an extremely high repeat purchase rate

Automotive & Home Appliances
Packaging & Plastic
Medical Supplies
medical consumables

Lexson Cutting's Clients

Lexson Cutting is committed to becoming the most popular global steel rule die company

Trusted Companies
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